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We are M/s COMTECH, Leading Information, technology, Computer services and development (ITCSD) organization, provides top class services and business consulting, IT computer repair services etc. We are powered by a pool of talented IT ,MANAGEMENT professional, service quality, service intelligence and all types of repairing and maintenance of any system/ computer related peripherals services among other capabilities. Our life is what our thoughts and services make it. Nothing Is PERFECT, until WE make it!!! Nothing is OK without our committed services once.

To be a globally respected high performance & commitment oriented organization offering sustainable solutions for computer peripherals services and technology...

CUSTOMER FIRST: WE respond the customer courteously and effectively and speedily as much we can. Deliver always the committed services.
QUALITY FOCUS: We make a quality value driver in our work, our products and our services---"DO IT FIRST TIME RIGHT NOW"
PROFFESSIONALISM: WE impart freedom and the opportunity to excel and to grow, support innovation and well reasoned risk taking, demanding Performance The Achievement of perfection is our main beliefs and EXCELLENCE IS GURRENTEED.